Follow-up to our Dev Brunch December 2009

A follow-up to our December 2009 Dev Brunch which was omitted because of really bad weather and bad health.

Yesterday, we had an appointment for our Dev Brunch meeting in December 2009. We tried to adapt to the christmas time and scheduled the “brunch” to be in the late evening, replacing coffee with mulled wine and toast with ginger bread. We even called it a “drunch” as a combination of “drunk” and “brunch”. It didn’t help.

The Dev Drunch omitted

It was the coldest and most snowy weekend in years. Most participants called in sick, others refused to go outside. Two brave remainders accomplished to reach our company but decided to concentrate on the mulled wine and the heating radiator instead of talking about software development. We chattered about a lot of topics, but none of it is worth to be reported. When the wine ran out, we went home again.

This was the last chance in 2009 to attend a Schneide Dev Brunch. See you all in 2010 and get well soon.

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