CMakeBuilder Version 1.9

Introducing CMakeBuilder plugin version 1.9.

Today, I want to announce version 1.9 of the CMakeBuilder plugin for Jenkins (formerly known as Hudson). Concluding from the user feedback, there are no major missing features – at least for the moment.

So for this version, I implemented only one visible enhancement: It is now possible to use environment variables in every configuration setting. Even settings like “Preload Script” “Make Command” or “Install Command” can now be configured with the support of environment variables.

The major invisible change I did was the migration to the Jenkins development infrastructure using this very helpful guide. Moving the whole thing to git will be next.

Check it out!

4 thoughts on “CMakeBuilder Version 1.9”

  1. Hello,

    First of all thx for your plugin.

    I can’t make work environment variables : for example If I set the BuildPath to Apps/Kooroo/Main/BIBKmaLauncher/$BIBArch/$BIBCompiler

    Here is the result :

    MODULE: D:\Release/Kooroo/Trunk
    [envfile] Reading environment variables from file.
    [envfile] Path to file: D:/SubSandbox/Tools/Jenkins/Trunk/Environment/VersionConfiguration.txt
    [envfile] BIBArch=i686Windows
    [envfile] BIBKoorooModeAndTag=Trunk
    [envfile] BIBRootDev=D:/Release
    [envfile] BIBCompiler=MsDev8.0
    Build dir : D:\Release/Kooroo/Trunk\Apps/Kooroo/Main/BIBKmaLauncher/BIBArch/BIBCompiler
    Source dir : D:\Release/Kooroo/Trunk\Apps/Kooroo/Main/BIBKmaLauncher

    Am I miss using it ?


    Jacques Charreyron

  2. Hi,

    can I use jenkins variables (aka matrix configuration axis) in this plugin? For example I have a axis Configuration[Release,Debug] and in cmakebuilder plugin I fill field “Other CMake Arguments” with (for example) “-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=$Configuration” and $Configuration is not replaced. Is it ok? I use it on slave (linux) and master (windows). Thanx


  3. Hi,

    I’m new to Jenkins and I tried to use the CMakeBuilder 1.9 plugin.
    I can have a simple job build my cmake based project, however I can get it working with matrix jobs.

    I tried (almost like juraj) do define a “buildtype” axis and use $buildtype in the “Other Build Type” field (I even tried to escape the $ with \, \\ and \\\\ just in case…) without success.

    I tried to look at the plugin code but my java skills are way behind me…

    I noticed your message on saying environment variables should work. And as the matrix documentation says it defined environment variables, I thought it would work but it isn’t.

    Do you have any plan to support matrix jobs? This seems not to hard to support but would allow a lot more flexibilty in the CMakeBuilder plugin use.

    I did not find any simple way to get in touch with the plugin developer thus I post my message here. If there is a better place, just tell me please! A bug report system would be nice too :p

    Thanks for your plugin indeed,

  4. There’s an “other build type” option, but I could not make it work with variables.
    I’ve tryied set it ${BUILD_TYPE} in the latest version of the plugin but the raw string apears in the log.

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