Java Pub Quiz

Everybody loves a pub quiz. So I collected some Java trivia questions ranging from syntax over frameworks. Have fun!

Everybody loves a pub quiz. So I collected some Java trivia questions ranging from syntax over frameworks. Have fun!

  1. What is the name of the following syntax elements: (1 point each)
  2. Is this valid Java code and why or why not?
  3. When does a != a result in true for the same a?
  4. Which non internal package cannot be imported?
  5. What’s the result of “Hello” == “Hello” and why?
  6. How is this piece of code construct called?
    new ArrayList() {{
  7. For which value does Math.abs(int) return a negative number?
  8. What does file.delete() do when the file in question cannot be deleted?
  9. What is the result of Arrays.asList(1, 2, 3).add(2) ?


  1. diamond operator and ternary operator or elvis (in Groovy)
  2. Yes, http: is a label and // starts a comment
  3. Double.NaN
  4. The default package
  5. True. All String literals are interned.
  6. Double brace initialisation
  7. Integer.MIN_VALUE
  8. It returns false
  9. java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException


Here we name three classes from a JDK package or an open source framework, can you guess which package or framework it is?

  1. Closeable, Console, Serializable
  2. Objects, Properties, Random
  3. Callable, Future, Phaser
  4. Point, Robot, Toolkit
  5. AutoCloseable, Iterable, Process
  6. Mapping, PersistentCollection, Session
  7. EqualsBuilder, Mutable, StringUtils
  8. ApplicationContext, DataBinder, JdbcTemplate
  9. Frequency, Length, Volume
  10. Minutes, Weeks, Years


  2. java.util
  3. java.util.concurrent
  4. java.awt
  5. java.lang
  6. Hibernate
  7. Apache Commons (Lang)
  8. Spring
  9. JScience
  10. Joda Time

One thought on “Java Pub Quiz”

  1. Nice! First part of Java Pub Quiz was quite easy for a reader of the Java Puzzlers book.Second part, was not so easy…I guess I outsourced the knowledge of the package names to my IDE. Could you please post more such Java puzzles? Maybe in the form of the puzzles by Wouter Coekaerts ?

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