Blog harvest, February 2010

Some noteworthy blog articles, harvested for February 2010. If you ever asked yourself about the personality of your web framework, you’ll find the link to the answer here.

After the move to the new office is nearly complete, work begins to normalize again. Here is the February blog harvest with a little more entries, as I wasn’t unable to read other blogs, but to write on our own blog. There are many fun articles this time that I found share-worthy, perhaps because they made me laugh even in harder times.

This was the more serious part of this harvesting. Let’s read some articles that share their message in a lighter way:

  • What kind of woman would your web framework be? – If you ever have to sell a new hot (web) framework to management, why not take this plausible approach? At least they could relate to what you are talking about.
  • It’s Not the Recession, You Just Suck – Ouch! That hurt. This is a wake-up call for everybody who likes to blame it on higher means. And it reminds me to hurry up with this blog entry and get back to work.
  • I test therefore I log bugs – Ever tried to explain “programming” to your grandparents? You’ll end in esoterics (“teaching machines to have dreams”) or in obviousnesses. This is a story about consensus on the latter.

This blog harvest closes with a video:

  • Uncle Bob on Software Craftsmanship – Much of what Bob Martin says has truth in it, but for me the last two minutes are the most explicit and rewarding. By the way, Uncle Bob looks good in the T-Shirt (I always feared it would be teared, regarding the sounds when he stretches), but needs to switch his cell phone off.