We’ve won a prize!

When we switched our continuous integration platform from CruiseControl to Hudson, it was still a younhudsonbutler-149_50pxg project with many white areas on the project roadmap. But it already was powerful enough to handle our settings and delivered real value, so we eagerly wanted to contribute back.

The development process with “release early, release often” policy and community focussed drive fit right into our mindset, so we (in fact, mostly me) spent a few nights figuring out what and how to contribute. The effort materialized in a few private tweaks and a new plugin: the Crap4J hudson plugin.

With the knowledge of Hudson’s internals, we were able to help out various customers to set up their own sophisticated installations (which nearly led to the development of a Perforce plugin when Mike Wille finished his one right on time). This led to various bug reports and feature requests that we filed to Hudson’s issue database.

Soon afterwards, Sun Microsystems announced the GlassFish Awards Program (GAP) as part of the Community Innovation Awards Program. Hudson was part of the participating projects, so I gave it a try and submitted some feature requests and the plugin.

lauriersAnd we won a prize! It’s not the big sort of prize (look at position 50 in the list), but a reward for our filed issues and a honorable mention of the plugin (which truly stands no chance compared to the awesome work of Dr. Hafner, who contributed a complete “get-them-all” collection of useful metrics reporting plugins). At least, we are the only winner from Karlsruhe.

Lately, we blogged about awarding your customers. Well, that’s just what Sun did here. Thanks for that!

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