Merry christmas – and check your candles before you light them

LED tea lights are dangerously akin to their waxen antetypes.

xmas-treeThe Softwareschneiderei (Schneide) team wishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.

We might pause this blog for a few weeks as everybody is on holiday.

This year, we sent out christmas cards that needed to be assembled. The card with a tea light made up a little latern. To have all batteries included, we bought some tea lights but couldn’t resist to buy some LED tea lights, too. The we put the parts together in giant envelopes and sent them out.

We got really nice feedback, but several reports suggested we might additionally package a warning note next time we send out LED tea lights that look too similar to traditional ones. The LED tea lights refuse to catch fire when burned, that’s for certain now.

So a word of warning in advance: Double-check your christmas tree candles before you kindle them. They might operate with batteries instead of fire.

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