Blog harvest, December 2009

Some noteworthy blog articles, harvested for early December 2009

Today’s blog harvest spans a lot of topics that i’ve found noteworthy in the last weeks. As an added bonus, there’s a watchworthy video link at the end. I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I did. If you have thoughts one the articles, feel free to comment them here.

This was the article side of this harvesting. Let’s have some fun by watching a video and relieving our conscience:

  • Living with 1000 Open Source Projects – It might get crowded on your disk! Nic Williams shares his secrets of mastering open source heavy lifting. The video runs a short half hour and has its funniest minute between 11:20 and 12:20. Brilliant!
  • The Bad Code Offset – Guilty of writing bad code? Well, remember the last entry of the list above? You’ve probably created a new job. If not, you can find absolution by buying some “Bad Code Offsets”. Think of it as the Carbon offset of the software industry.

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