Get the basics right

Nowadays with all the fancy stuff around, with features over features, bells and whistles it is even more important to get the basics right. But what are the basics?
If you apply for a job the first basic would be to read the job posting carefully. Many corporations require you to use a special keyword or cite the reference in a certain way. This is an easy way to avoid that the email ends up in the spam folder and it shows that you can also see who really read the job posting. But many get this wrong. Why? For me that’s one of the basics. Another basic breaker is many or highly visible typos. Once in a while we get some unusual and fancy looking applications with typos in the job title or in headlines. Hmmm.. why bother with time-consuming layouts and colors and have typos all over the place?
This trend can be seen in many places. We have a new and modern door opener. The buttons are in white and pastel colors. Which ruins the contrast. When the light is dim, I cannot make out a difference between the one for opening the door and switching on the light in the hallway. Looking fancy but useless.
The IT business is also good in breaking the basics. In the last weeks some of the major IDEs or frameworks brought out versions which had regression in one of the most basic places: version control. Why didn’t they catch it before release?
Why are features nowadays more important than the basics?

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