A zine for the modern developer

A new zine for the modern developer, this time about CQRS

Martin Fowler once said:

Test for value of an article isn’t novelty of its ideas, but how many who could benefit who haven’t considered them, or are using them badly

So I thought that I should share some things I am learning and have learned as a software developer. Maybe one time I will write a book but this requires a huge effort. Luckily Julia Evans (thank you!) just wrote a post having the same dilemma. She decided to create and publish a lean version of a book: a zine.
This pushed me to do my own zine. I believe that a modern software developer is confronted with many topics besides programming and so the topics will range from software architecture over user experience (UX) to marketing.
My first zine is about CQRS, an architecture I am excited about. Enjoy (PDF download).

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