WPF Redux Sample Application

A while ago, I wrote about how we are using the redux architexture in our C# applications. I have just pushed an example showing ReduxSimple with WPF and our extensions in a .NET 5 application to our github account. The example itself is just a counter with an increment and a decrement button, but it already shows the whole redux cycle.

The store setup in App.xaml.cs shows how the ReducerBuilder can be used to build a State reducer from the Reducer class via reflection.

I also added a small prime-number factorization to show how to use ‘expensive’ functions in the view part of the application using our SelectorGraph. This makes it possible to properly derive view data from the state, only updating them once when one of their inputs changes. In the example, that is the counter. So the number will only be factorized when the counter changes, while all other future state changes do update the selector.

The example does not use the UIDuplexBinder yet. It allows read/write binding of WPF controls to an IObservable and an action-creator, and is hopefully pretty straight-forward to use. Please enjoy!

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