We are software tailors

Our company is called Softwareschneiderei (which is German for software tailoring). This name describes our intention to write bespoken software, software that fits people perfectly. Over time different additional metaphors from the tailor’s world came around: seams/tucks which describe places in software systems where cuts can be made and testing can be done. Tailoring is a craftsmanship so an apprenticeship model and the pride in our work exists.
This describes the mentoring and bespoken software development we do. But besides that we do a lot of bug fixing, improvement of existing software which was written by others and evaluation of other people’s code. Thanks to a piece from Jason Fried (thanx Jason!) those other parts fit perfectly into our vision as software tailors: we iron/press (fix bugs, improve the code), we trim and cut (remove bottlenecks and unwanted functionality or extend the software to use other systems) and we measure (analyze, inspect and evaluate systems).