Don’t trust micro versions

Normally you would think, that upgrading a third party dependency where its micro version (after the second dot, like x in 2.3.x) changes should make your software work (even) better and not break it. Sadly enough it can easily happen. Some time ago we stumbled over a subtle change in the JNDI implementation of the Jetty webserver and servlet container: In version 6.1.11 you specified (or at least could specify) JNDI resources in jetty-env.xml with URLs like jdbc/myDatabase. After the update to 6.1.12 the specified resource could not be found anymore. Digging through code changelogs and the like provided a solution that finally worked with 6.1.12: java:comp/env/jdbc/myDatabase. The bad thing is that the latter does not work with 6.1.11 so that our configuration became micro-version-dependent on Jetty.

It seems that a new feature around JETTY-725 in the update from 6.1.11 to 6.1.12 broke our software.


Always make sure that your dependencies are fixed for your software releases and test your software everytime when upgrading a dependency. Do not trust some automatic dependency update system or the version numbers of a project. In the end they are just numbers and should indicate the impact of the changes but you never can be sure the changes do not break something for you.

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